“The Pond” analogy, refers to a pond with fresh water flowing in from the left side of the chart, traveling thru the pond and exiting on right.  If a property is priced/prepared/marketed well, it enters on the left, “flows” across and exits quickly to the right.  Properties that are not priced/prepared/marketed well, sink to two different levels; “Show and Place” or the “Stagnant Mass”.  When owners find themselves in these lower levels of the pond, changes need to be made in price/preparation/marketing to get the property back in the “Flow”, so it can be sold and exit the pond.

The "Pond Analysis" shows us that, on average, 4.7 new properties come on the market each month and 3.8 are sold.  At this rate, with an inventory of 17 units currently for sale, there are 4.4 months of inventory.  6 months of inventory is considered a balanced market and anything below 6 months is considered a seller's market.  Given these numbers, you would have a 22.5% chance of selling each month.

If we compare these numbers to the last 24 months, we see that the odds of selling/month are up 2.6%